With a rich history in confectionery forms, SCN BestCo partners with leading consumer brands and national retailers to create breakthrough delivery formats that redefine how consumers experience OTC drugs and supplements across healthcare categories including digestive health, cold & cough, allergy, immunity, bone & joint health, cognition, sleep support, energy, beauty, stress management, sports nutrition and oral health.


Being healthy shouldn’t require trade-offs. At the heart of our identity lies a deep sense of pride in empowering individuals to make healthier choices. Our commitment to creating products that go beyond the ordinary is embedded in our DNA. With a focus on innovation, the team at SCN BestCo strives to redefine the way health and wellness are delivered. At SCN BestCo, your career is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a purpose-driven organization. Join us, where passion meets purpose!


Our culture is built on the pillars of trust and excellence. We foster an open, supportive, and collaborative atmosphere that empowers every individual to thrive. At SCN BestCo, we operate with a shared commitment and accountability to deliver results that push the boundaries of what’s possible in health and wellness. We understand that true impact comes from a collective effort, and that’s why we provide the support and resources for you to make a difference. Your ideas matter, your contributions count, and your growth is our priority.


I started my adventure with SCN BestCo in 2019. For all these years, I have stayed because the atmosphere is excellent, it is close to my home, but also because we are given the chance to progress in the company. I held the position of compression operator and specialist documentation operator before becoming a kitchen operator in the new VMS (vitamins, minerals and supplements) suite. I was the very first to work with the new equipment. I trained all the operators on the 3 shifts and I’m proud of it. Supervisors listen to our needs and ideas, and I enjoy working with my team. I am now a multipurpose operator and who knows, maybe I will be the next manufacturing team leader!

Multipurpose Operator

I really appreciate the work environment, which encourages collaboration and personal development. Life Science Nutritionals (LSN), a part of our SCN BestCo family, offers constant learning opportunities, which allow me to push my limits and constantly improve in my field. Knowing that I can grow professionally while working as part of a talented team is a source of motivation for me. The support of my colleagues creates an environment conducive to success and well-being. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow with LSN.

Principal Product Development Scientist

I love SCN BestCo because of the products, the passion and innovation and most of all, the people! My daily activities are always exciting and the cross functional team environment is very collaborative. As a Product Development Scientist, one of the most rewarding parts of my career at SCN BestCo is seeing the products that I played a role in formulating on national retail store shelves for consumers to enjoy!

Technical & Quality Control Manager

Working at SCN BestCo has been an awesome experience. I joined the company after graduating in 2021, and from then on, I’ve had the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and further develop my skills with the support of my peers. SCN BestCo’s culture is inclusive, making you feel as if you are home away from home. If I could elaborate on one of the things I like about working at SCN BestCo, it’s the work-life balance that the company provides to employees.

Payroll Clerk


At SCN BestCo, purpose is at the heart of what we do. Join a team driven by a shared passion in manufacturing high quality products that do good. We’re on a mission to make health and wellness more enjoyable, and your dedication will contribute to this transformative journey.

We are committed to your professional and personal growth. Joining SCN BestCo means gaining access to extraordinary opportunities and support for your career growth and development. Whether it’s honing your skills, expanding your knowledge, or taking on new challenges, we are here to cheer on your journey.

Every employee at SCN BestCo plays a crucial role in our collective success. Your dedication and hard work will not go unnoticed. We recognize and appreciate the value you bring to our organization, creating an environment where your efforts are acknowledged and celebrated.

Join SCN BestCo – where your career is not just a destination, but a purposeful journey. Together, let’s shape the future of health and wellness, and make a positive impact on the world. Join us and be a part of the winning formula!


SCN BestCo strives to provide its employees with competitive pay, excellent benefits, on-the-job training and a comfortable working environment.

SCN BestCo employees enjoy:

Competitive pay with bonus incentives

Flexible spending accounts*

401(k) Plan with company match (US); Retirement Savings Plan (Canada)

Climate-controlled manufacturing facility

Paid vacations and holidays

Group Term and Supplemental Life Insurance

Medical, dental and vision* Insurance 

Short* and Long Term Disability Insurance

Ongoing support and job training

Wellness programs

*In US locations only.


At SCN BestCo, our guiding principles and core values are not just a mantra but the driving force behind our every endeavor. At the heart of our culture are three pillars that define us: Innovation, People, and Purpose. These principles go beyond mere words on paper; they are the compass that directs our path.  Our core values set the standard for how we operate: Trust, Excellence and Leadership are in every action we take. Our guiding principles and core values are not just ideals but a way of life. Be part of a culture that is driven by innovation, fueled by the strength of its people, and grounded in a meaningful purpose. Your journey to a fulfilling and impactful career begins here.


At SCN BestCo, our history is a living narrative of our unwavering commitment to innovation and the profound impact we’ve made on helping consumers make healthier choices. Embark on a journey through time with SCN BestCo and witness the evolution of health and wellness through our groundbreaking product launches. Scroll below to see a glimpse into our timeline of innovation:


BestCo’s 100+ year confectionery history dates back to Durban Confectionary Coffee & Spice in South Africa in the late 1800’s


Santa Cruz Nutritionals is founded as Harmony Foods with bulk trail mix as first product


BestCo begins manufacturing Lozenges


Children’s Multivitamin Gummies


Industry first OTC Soft Chew


Adult Multivitamin Gummies


Sports Gummies & Organic Fruit Snacks


Fiber Gummies, Immunity Gummies, Gender Specific Multis, Senior Multis, Weight Management, Children’s Fiber, Melatonin & Sleep Formula, Adult Calcium Gummies


Industry first OTC SuperChew®


Industry first OTC gummy – SuperGel™M


Probiotic Gummies Clean Label VMS Botanicals


BestCo, Santa Cruz Nutritionals & LSN merge to offer a wide range of enjoyable dosage form solutions


Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada

LSN started manufacturing probiotic gummies in 1997 and became the first probiotic gummy facility in North America. All of our products are manufactured at our facility in Acton Vale, Quebec. We maintain the highest quality standards from our supply chain through to our manufacturing processes, allowing us to guarantee our products are dairy, gluten and nut free. A culture of innovation and talented R&D teams has kept LSN at the forefront of our category.

Golden, CO

Our corporate headquarters, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Golden is home to many of our leadership team as well as members of our Finance and Shared Services teams.

Mooresville, North Carolina

SCN BestCo’s cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in Mooresville, North Carolina employ over 750 people and serve as the R&D and innovation hub for Lozenge, SuperChew®, Soft Chew and SuperGel™ dosage forms.

Santa Cruz, California

SCN BestCo’s core nutraceutical manufacturing facility in Santa Cruz, California, which began as two surfers pioneering the first trail mix sold at retail, now employs over 550 people and has been leading the gummy vitamin industry in innovation and quality since creating the first gummy vitamin in 1997.

St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Located in St-Hubert, Quebec, our 140,000-square-foot pharmaceutical and chew facility is compliant with the highest regulatory requirements and adapted for the manufacturing of various dosage forms. With nearly 400 employees, we are proud to manufacture products that are distributed across the world (our facility is notably approved by the FDA and Health Canada).

  • Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada
  • Golden, Colorado
  • Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Santa Cruz, California
  • St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada